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This guide does have spoilers ahead, and I WILL NOT be careful to avoid them. The main reason I wrote this is because I was in dire need of a complete, detailed list of all the side quests in this game.

Along with these modes comes an overall progression system, so you will level up as you progress through the game and follow the path to becoming a pinball wizard.

I did, though, copy all stats (of course, there is no way to renumber it or anything), so thanks to the makers of the guide for that!

I tried to make, to the best of my ability, the directions clear, and, put it in a format to give you clues to the locations so you can have a little fun instead of completely cheating and just doing what the FAQ says. Section finished - Make sure to check the Deep Sea Research center section for an alternative (and MUCH easier) way to reach Ultima Weapon.

As you play through the tables, you will unlock Mastery Rewards such as character models which you can rotate and view to see the detail in the models — which we are very proud of here at Zen Studios. Furthermore, the gameplay of many older tables received an overhaul.

For example, we fixed some score exploits, some small bugs, and problems which we didn’t have a chance to do until now.

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Any questions should be mailed to the address above. - H O W T O U S E T H I S G U I D E - Using this guide is pretty easy and straightforward.

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