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The court order demands the removal of any reference to Ms. What makes the case so interesting is that both parties use their real names as brand extensions to sell themselves and related products, essentially presenting themselves as public figures, particularly relevant to the legal aspects pertaining to privacy.

And to an extent muddying the waters as to whether the alleged transgressions pertain to commercial speech or not.

"If you are not a hermaphrodite, incest is best if you come from a species where males have only one set of genes.

Its quite possibly everyones worst nightmare at some point or another.

Hes still an arrogant asshole with a drinking problem and ego issues, but hes the first to admit it, particularly since its the winning formula upon which his never-ending adolescent public persona is constructed. "Im writing about events and things that happen in my life, and have made no money off one individual person. If there is a preponderance of sex and alcohol in his stories, it because hes constantly getting drunk and constantly getting laid.

That doesnt make him a pornographer any more than an honest account of the Monica Lewinsky affair in the memoirs of Bill Clinton would make the former President one. If he treats women like shit, (and he does) its because he treats everyone like shit. If the spotlight is not shining directly upon me, I feel small inside," there are messages on Ms.

Part two covers sex and cannibalism, sex and violence (male and female), love potions and homosexuality, and monogamy. Female redbacks aren't greedy; when they're not hungry, they don't eat.

mimics a write-in advice column, in which anthropomorphised animals of all kinds ask for help with their sex lives.

That is just the framework, however, for an entertaining tour of the natural history and evolutionary biology of sex. Platonic cannibalism is a problem for creatures from apes to amoebae. It goes without saying that such a death wish can evolve only in special circumstances.

His voracious sexual appetite, (frequently fulfilled it seems, if the messages on his web site are to be taken at face value), serves as the creative core of his career as a writer, allowing him to turn almost every sexual conquest into a graphically detailed account of the shared experience. At first glance, his writing reveals him to be an arrogant, self-centered asshole with both an attitude and a drinking problem that leaves you wondering why someone's brother or father hasnt already beaten the shit out of him, (if not a newfound understanding of where Lorena Bobbitt was coming from). Santucci cant understand the core of what my literature is about." Tucker Maxs autobiographical essays indeed contain adult themes and lots of sex -- enough to garner the attention of (surprise) an MTV producer, which resulted in an appearance on MTV's Sex2K.

However, dig a little deeper and youll find an intelligent, articulate writer with a law degree and a pretty wicked sense of humor. Santuccis press release referring to him as a "parasitic smut peddler" who lives "off the good names of others." "If I made money off the site exploiting pornography I would be lot richer," he told me in a telephone interview for this article his first since the order was issued, and having declined, through his agent and attorney, a request for an interview by The New York Times. To portray him as a pornographer or smut peddler, however, is an easy way out for those quick to arrive at conclusions and are invariably wrong.

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Were they men he was relentlessly fucking, rest assured they would be treated with the same scorn and derision he lays on almost everyone. Max's site is a virtual parody of himself, originally set up as a bet during his law school, where women submit an application to date him, and existing currently as an extension of his branding -- a point of contention raised in the original complaint filed by Ms. Johnsons such as "good choices charm, and keep you from harm" and "we have self-esteem and love being seen." One thing is certain. Johnson has since hired a Boca Raton public relations firm, Transmedia Group, who Thursday issued a PR Newswire press release on her behalf stating she had "won a preliminary injunction against a web site that demeans women and promotes character assassination" and accusing Mr. "I have received so many emails I could not even count them," he says.

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