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Another concern leading to the Americans relinquishing responsibility for denazification and handing it over to the Germans arose from the fact that many of the American denazifiers were German Jews, former refugees returning to administer justice against the tormentors and killers of their relatives.It was felt, both among Germans and top American officials, that their objectivity might be contaminated by a desire for revenge.

The first difficulty was the enormous number of Germans who might have to be first investigated, then penalized if found to have supported the Nazi state to an unacceptable degree.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff Directive 1067 directed U. The Americans, unlike the British, French, and Soviets, interpreted this to apply to every German over the age of eighteen in their zone.

When the nearly complete list of Nazi Party memberships was turned over to the Allies (by a German anti-Nazi who had rescued it from destruction in April 1945 as American troops advanced on Munich), it became possible to verify claims about participation or non-participation in the Party.

Enforcing the strictest sanctions against lesser offenders would prevent too many talented people from participating in the reconstruction process. but that course of action was replaced by putting them on trial for war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials in order to publicize their crimes while demonstrating that the trials and the sentences were just, especially to the German people.

The Morgenthau Plan had recommended that the Allies create a post-war Germany with all its industrial capacity destroyed, reduced to a level of subsistence farming; however, that plan was soon abandoned as unrealistic and, because of its excessive punitive measures, liable to give rise to German anger and aggressiveness. took 785 scientists and engineers from Germany to the United States, some of whom formed the backbone of the U. However, the legal foundations of the trials were questioned, and the German people were not convinced that the trials were anything more than "victors' justice".

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