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The latest disturbing statistics show that more than 60 per cent of girls have had sex under the age of 16.

Meanwhile, online experts Cyber Sentinel says that 17 hours of the average teenage week are spent browsing the web for topics such as diets, cosmetic surgery and soft pornography, or chatting on social networking sites and MSN instant messenger, where a quarter of girls regularly talk to strangers.

She has two older sisters, Naomi, 18, and Beth, 16, and a younger brother, Harry, 12.

She says: A lot of my friends lie to their mums about what they get up to.

Sometimes I get called 'chicken', but I usually just stand my ground and, in the end, my friends have to accept it.

I do try to persuade them not to do some of the things they do - especially if I think it's a bit dangerous - but they don't often see it my way.

Today's teenage girls come under pressure to grow up faster than ever before.

Last month the Home Secretary ordered a review into whether girls are being sexualised through fashion, music and computer games, but how many parents are aware of the social and sexual pressures their daughters face?

' My mum buys my clothes and she's pretty cool about it.However, I've had a couple of pervy blokes in their 30s contact me on the internet via MSN Messenger saying: 'You look much older than 14, but I don't mind an age gap! A lot of girls I know would do it after a few months with someone, but I want to wait until I'm 16.I don't need the distraction, or the worry of contraception and all that stuff.She lives in a village near Horsham in a three-bedroom semi-detached house, with her mum Elaine, 41, who runs a B&B, her dad, Albert, a manager for an American oil and gas company, and her brothers Craig, 11, and Daniel, 15.Caitlin says: I've just come out of a year-long relationship.

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He dumped me a few days ago, saying we didn't see each other enough.

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