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A unique ride in that it was campaigned during a time when coupes and coaches remained standard-fare at New England’s Modified racing haunts, the full-bodied Chevy II tin was “different” to say the least.Historically-astute readers will recognize the name of the car’s owner; it was none-other than one “Moneybags” Moe Gherzi, a star-performer in the early days of our sport, and also the long-time Race Director at Plainville Stadium.By the time he’d hung-up his helmet in the 1970’s, he’d amassed over 300 career victories.Perhaps his greatest achievement in the sport was being the first New Englander to win a NASCAR National Modified championship in 1966.It lay dormant from 1954 to 1959 when it was razed for development.

He won a record 21 features on the old dirt at Stafford Speedway in the late 50’s and early 60’s.Closed for the war-years, it reopened in 1946 as a fifth-mile, being paved shortly thereafter.A hotbed of action for the Midgets, it also hosted the then-new stock cars.Seekonk remains one of the most historically-significant ovals on the East Coast, having first opened its gates on May 30, 1946.The tradition continues today, as the Vendetti family readies for another season of competition in 2010 at the Massachusetts oval affectionately-known as the “Cement Palace.” Here’s another pick from our webmaster Tom Ormsby’s vast archive of images.

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The Northeastern racing community lost a real treasure when the great Ernie Gahan passed-away at age-82 on Thanksgiving evening.

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