Dating and marriage customs in turkey

Women get married at an earlier age than men and settle into their role of housewife and home maker.As the education level of women increases, the fertility rate decreases.Perhaps most importantly, the equality of inheritance was accepted as well as the equality of testimony before a court of law; previously, under Islamic law, the testimony of two women was equal to that of one man.With the secularization of the educational system, women gained equal rights with men in the field of education as well and no longer had to wear the veils and long garments required by the old religious beliefs.Although all the new regulations brought the status of women to a very improved level, the actual status of women within the family institution did not provide for proper equality between men and women.

The father is the representative and protector of the family whereas the mother takes care of all the day to day things.

As for the economic conditions, each individual is supposed to play a part in supporting the continuation of the family.

The father is usually responsible for making the basic income, the mother may perhaps contribute by working and if not, will assume full-time take care of the home.

However, women work in this sector as an extension of their housework and not to make a living.

In urban areas, women hold important posts in both public and private sectors, the arts and sciences.

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In Turkey, following the declaration of the Republic in 1923, one of the most significant elements in the social revolution planned and advocated by Ataturk was the emancipation of Turkish women, based on the principle that the new Turkey was to be a secular state.

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