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An implement heavily featured in much of the Victorian erotica is The Birch Rod (often shortened to the Rod, or the Birch).

It is an intriguing implement that has fallen out of favour is more recent times, especially since the advent of the cane, but it deserves a place amongst your array of canes, straps, belts and paddles.

An integrated Chatroom is available to get to know other members better.

We particularly welcome people from all around the world who are just venturing out into the erotic discipline world and are nervous about dipping their toes into the fascinating world of spanking and BDSM in general.

Featuring British OTK adult schoolgirl discipline and other BDSM related material.

This free adult website contains hundreds of pages of erotic discipline and BDSM advice, stories, pictures and discussions on bare bottom OTK punishment, caning, strapping and birching.

In keeping with the site policy of providing a free web site for erotic OTK schoolgirl and BDSM domestic discipline enthusiasts all over the world, this site provides unlimited space for amateur erotic writers to have their own spanking story published.

It doesn't have to be like that and this page attempts to provide a realistic description of what to expect.

Also accounts of real spanking and BDSM experiences that defined people's later lives.

Visitors are invited to have a go at adding to the Chain Story or suggest funny Kinky Captions for pictures or take part in our international Survey which has now been running for over 15 years.

In addition to this guide there is also a separate page describing the history and construction of a birch.

This section has accounts describing a variety of actual experiences that include genuine first time erotic submission and discipline, and a number of people tell of their childhood brushes with corporal punishment (CP).

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The books are generally more focussed on adult erotic punishment and humiliation, although they also include some child chastisement and incest.

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