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In terms of styling, it keeps the Eighties feel with a square black case and a compact body.

The built-in lens is ideal for everyday shooting and there are also wide-angle and fisheye lens attachments.

The latest generation of instant cameras offers a heady cocktail of instant satisfaction and nostalgia – it’s hard to ignore and strangely addictive.

Lomo cameras tend to produce warm and soft images, compared to Fuji’s, which generally came out a little sharper and cooler.The size of the pictures differs depending on the film the camera takes.Fuji is the only company to make instant film on a mass scale these days and it sells three formats: the credit-card-sized Instax Mini (54mm x 86mm), the larger Instax Square (86mm x 72mm) and the Instax Wide (108mm x 86mm), which is closest in size to the original Polaroid format.But a group of arts students liked these surreal effects and adopted the cameras, eventually spawning a new range.Echoes of that heritage are obvious; the styling is full-on Eighties and boxy.

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