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Examples within this category include Jdate for Jewish singles, Geek2Geek and Farmersonly for farmers and the people who want to meet them.

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Note that in the quest for minimality I am utilizing some features of Gtkmm and C that are rarely shown in beginner examples (such as the ref-to-pointer and sigc::ref()).

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In double action — I’m not going to lie — it’s approaching Nagant Revolver territory. If you shoot more than a box in double action, you might want to think about icing your index finger. The rear sight is a notch, and at the end of the four-inch barrel there is a post.

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Habana (2012) Production of third spaces for immigrant English language learners: (Re)negotiating identity and discourse in the secondary classroom Haj Azim Zanjani, Shabnam (2012) Studies in consumer procrastination Harak, Philip J (2012) Supporting public high school teachers in a context of multiple mandates: A social justice approach to professional learning communities Harris, Jesse Aron (2012) Processing perspectives Harris, Lindsay R (2012) Studies in the atomic spectrometric determination of selenium, mercury, and rare earth elements Hasdemir, Baris (2012) Enabling easy consumer access to services and products Hathorne, Adam P (2012) Fundamental studies of elastin-like oligo- and polypeptides Hawley, Kelly L (2012) Molecular mechanisms regulating complement receptor 3-mediated phagocytosis of Borrelia burgdorferi Heizmann, Tanja (2012) Exhaustivity in questions & clefts; and the quantifier connection A study in German and English Henderson, Ian M (2012) Tuning the properties of metal-ligand complexes to modify properties of supramolecular materials Henderson, Mary Hannah (2012) Orientations of the heart: Exploring hope & diversity in undergraduate citizenship education Hendricks, Nicholas Raymond (2012) Porous metal oxide materials through novel fabrication procedures Heyward, Kamela S (2012) Virtual black spaces: An anthropological exploration of African American online communities' racial and political agency amid virtual Universalism Higgins, Khadine Athena (2012) Metal selectivity in the E.